8 Mart 2013 Cuma

Outfit: Love ♥

Today i decided to wear vermillion for Women's Day organization at office. Theme colour was red but i do not have anything red so i decided vermillion will be good, it was so :) At these day i'm so in love with my LOVE neclace, it's just like Carrie necklace for me :) Hope it will bring me the love that i've been searchin for :)))

                                    Jacket/Ceket: Mango
                                   Jean: Levis Engineered
                                   T-shirt: Mudo
                                   Neclaces: Love neclace from Koton,
                                  diamond shaped neclace gift from Dubai
                                  Bag: Beşiktaş Bazaar

Basak Beyazkaya Web Developer

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  1. Canım bayıldım ceketinin rengine ayrıca kadınlar günün kutlu olsun :)

    1. saol canım benim..seninde kadınlar günün kutlu olsun ♥


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