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2 Broke Girls

I have no idea if you have ever watched this sitcom but if u haven't watch if i highly recommend you to watch. I have finished whole two seasons within 3 days and started to watch them again :))) I can not decide which character is funnier but i think i do love Oleg :))) And Andy the Candymen is a hottie too :)))

And here is the cast form Wikipedia

Main cast [edit]
·         Kat Dennings as Max Black, one of the waitresses at the Williamsburg Diner. She's a poor working class girl who has had a rough childhood and current adult life, riven by genuine poverty and a childhood raised by a mother who was usually absent and was dangerously incompetent when she was around. Han initially let her sell homemade cupcakes in the diner, which led to Caroline's idea to go into the cupcake business.
·         Beth Behrs as Caroline Wesbox Channing, a new waitress at the Williamsburg Diner. She is a former rich, high society girl who lost all of her money when her father was jailed for a Ponzi scheme. She is forced to start over and becomes Max's co-worker, roommate and eventual best friend. She comes up with the idea of starting a cupcake business with Max.
·         Garrett Morris as Earl, the cashier at the Williamsburg Diner, an elderly former jazz musician. Max is very close to him, frequently claiming she wishes he was her father.
·         Jonathan Kite as Oleg, a Ukrainian cook at the Williamsburg Diner. He is an oversexed pervert who is always cracking sexist jokes, and he has repeatedly tried to hook up with the two waitresses to no avail. He later develops an attraction to Sophie, and has a sex-only relationship with her.
·         Matthew Moy as Han Lee, the owner of the Williamsburg Diner. A short Korean-American who is constantly a target for jokes involving his size and lack of knowledge of American culture, among other things.
·         Jennifer Coolidge as Sophie Kaczynski (Season 2, recurring previously),[4] a Polish lady who moves into the apartment above Max's. She owns a cleaning business that Max and Caroline sometimes work for, and is the object of Oleg's affections. She became a silent partner in the cupcake business. It is also mentioned by her and the rest of the gang that she is the owner of an organ trading business.
Recurring cast [edit]
·         Brooke Lyons as Peach Landis, a high society mother who acts like the most clueless version of that. She is the woman whose babies, Brad and Angelina (a reference to real-life actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie), Max babysits for. She fired Max from that job to appease an awful friend of her after a cupcake-catering mishap, and after she begged Max to return full-time, Max decided she would only return in a part-time capacity.
·         Nick Zano as Johnny, Max's on-again-off-again love interest. He told Max he broke up with Cashandra and was getting married to another women he just met a week ago in the season 1 finale. He was not seen again until the episode "And the big opening" in season 2,in which he and Max had sex. He and Max both agreed that they only wanted each other when they were taken by another person. He left at the end of that episode promising her he would see her again someday.
·         Ryan Hansen as Andy, a candy store owner whose business was across from the cupcake store, and Caroline's Season 2 love interest.
Special guest stars [edit]
·         Martha Stewart as herself[5]
·         Steven Weber as Martin Channing, Caroline's father, who is currently in prison for a ponzi scheme he masterminded
·         Cedric the Entertainer as Darius, Earl's estranged son
·         2 Chainz as himself
·         Missi Pyle as Charity Channing, Caroline's rich and abusive aunt. She is Martin Channing's sister.
·         Debra Wilson as an exhausted employee at the temp agency where Max and Caroline worked. Her catchphrase, "Let me give you a for instance", was used throughout the episode to illustrate violations to company policies.

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  1. I watched them once and they were very funny - but then I didn't find them anymore on TV! I'll try to find again! So nice that you posted this, to remind me - to smile, cause the episode I watched was reaally great!

    1. they are amazing :)) I do not know which episode you stopped watching but find them online and start to watch. Believe me it gets better at the season 2 :)

  2. I love this show!! It's so hilarious, Max is my favourite!
    I have a giveaway with Firmoo on my blog right now, if you'd like to enter! <3

  3. I'm watching it and those girls are so funny. I didn't like it at first but now I love it. Do you watch "The big Bang Theory" this one is awesome too.

    Lots of Love from Ireland
    Ewelina & Eva

    1. at first i did not like it too but then i started to watch it from the beginning and i loved. As for The Big Bang Theory i used to love it so much but know i do not watch the show, don't know why :)

  4. Hi, good post, delighted to have visited you. I would like to follow each other? let me know. happy day


  5. I LOOOOVE THIS SHOW! Max is just so funny right?? Lets follow each ohter?

    1. max is super cool. ♥ her lips :)))


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