18 Mayıs 2013 Cumartesi

Liebster Award by Doctor Meow

Hi babes..Here i am to answer some questions :)) This is my second liebster award and i'm so happy, cause question are different and i do love to answer them. First of all i want to apologize from the owner of the award, Doctor Meow, answering took so much time beacuse of my working load bu here i am and answering all of your questions..

And all my loves please do not skip to look at Doctor Meow' blog...

Q1- What are you doing right now besides this blog post?
A1- As u said i'm writing this post and answering those questions but on the other hand i'm just chucking my cat and drinking water.

Q2- What is your dream job?
A2- Actually i do like my job now,i'm a Bussiness Analist at a National Bank but it would be good a position at HR.

Q3- What did you eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner? (your last meal)
A3- :)) I ate a traditional meal like ravioli as dinner but my last eating think was a birthday cake after dinner.

Q4- Do you have a pet? Tell me about him/her.
A4-  Yes i do. I have a at who is a kind of Chincilla. She is 1 year old and i love her so much. We sleep together at nights :)) She is so clever and loves to play like all the cats but i think she has a problem with concentrataion :))

Q5- Do you watch The Walking Dead? Who is your favorite character?
A5- Nope i didn't

Q6- What's your favorite icecream flavor?
A6- My fav always mint and lemon.

Q7- Where did you last go with a friend?
A7- Our last meeting was at a festival, we had so much fun :)

Q8- Describe yourself using one word
A8- Lovely ♥

Q9- What do you think is your best physical feature?
A9- If i say no idea will you be angry? :)

Q10- When did you start bloggin?
A10- At the new year :)) 01.01.2013

Q11- If we meet someday, what's the first thing that you'll say to me?
A11- Nice to meeting you :)))

Hope you like my answers and enjoy reading :))

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  1. So great!!! :)
    Would you like to follow each other?!
    Let me know!



  2. Congratulations on your Liebster award! I like ravioli too :3 so delicious :3


    1. our ravioli like traditional food is different but if you like ravioli you will absolutely love this too

  3. Nice, now I feel like I know u a bit.


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