15 Temmuz 2013 Pazartesi

Insta ♥ Me

Hello loves, there is so much pics that i have not posted yet :( Here are some of them..

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This is my lovely zerouv sunnie...Do not forget to visit http://www.shopzerouv.com/

Here is my studded shoes, i have bought those 5 years ago still they are in :)

Those cutties are from zerouv too :)

Do i need to mention that this one is from zerouv too ? :=)

Sometimes i do post bloggers that i like 

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  1. great post dear! Love all the sunnies!

    Love, Lory xx


  2. Yanıtlar
    1. ilk gözlük benim gözlüğüm ki :))) söz konusu gözlük olunca kendimi kaybediyorum :)

  3. I love your pics! Very cool!



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