11 Temmuz 2013 Perşembe

RayBan For Me

Hi dolls, Just a quick post :))

I used to love this Ray-Ban sunglasses before a long time. Then i have forgotten that i have those. Then a few days before i was searching my oldu stuffs and i found this, some more glasses also :) I have felt in love with those again.

This colours are my fav football team's colors..Red and Yellow..

Have u liked it?

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  1. I love RayBan. I am a new follower and now I hope you follow me back, ok? :)

  2. These sunglasses are lovely - great colours and your ring is amazing as well :)

    Laura x

  3. love the ring! nice glasses too, following :)


  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog, these sunglasses are fabulous!
    Laura. xx


  5. Your glasses are amazing. I am your regular reader! :) <33


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