26 Temmuz 2013 Cuma

RayBan Wayfarer Ice Pop

We all do love sunnies. Especially this season only one sunnie is never enough for us. There is lots of options and i'm sure you all alike me, wanna buy all of them :)

Last season RayBan Wayfarer models were so popular, everbody has at least one of them. This season mirrored ones so hot so i think RayBan decided to make a move. Ice Pop models are so adorable, they are just like candy :)

If you loved them but think that you can not afford so here is a wonderful option for you. You all do know how much i like Zerouv. They made wonderful option for all of us. We love them so much, right?

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  1. Amazing sunnies!!! Follow you via Gfc and bloglovin;)

  2. Great choices...love them all!
    Maybe we can follow each other??
    Let me know..



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