8 Ağustos 2013 Perşembe

Barbie and Designers

Hello huns...Today i wanna talk about a little reminiscent of our childhood. We all do love Barbie's i guess..When i was a child i had two barbies and lots of clothes for them. Some of them were my mothers product, some of were from stores. Now designers make clothes for our lovely Barbies.

British Fred Butler, Nasir Mazhar and Sister by Sibling designers (Sid Bryan, Joe Bates and Cozette McCreery), the famous fashion retailer Selfridges will open in times of special toy each other crazy outfits for Barbie dolls designed to celebrate.

If you go to Britain ', the most important figures in the history of the Barbie toy stores Selfridges, do not miss seeing these creative outfits ..

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