17 Ağustos 2013 Cumartesi

Here Comes The Skort

Hello loves..How far is the weekend going? For me today was not good because today i went to work from 09.00 till 15.30 :( It was so sad for me not going to the beach..Actually it's nearly end of the summer now and i have only went to beach for once :(( I'm planning to go to Dubai at the beginning of October and it will make my year :))

You all have skorts i think, it's the most hit object of this season. The look so pretty and comft at the same time. I had a black one from Bangood but it was too small for me and gave it to my sister :) Today after work i went to a public store to have this one, they have so different colors but sadly no size :(( So i had to bought this one but after i got home, i wear that anf from the moment i'm in love with my new skort and tee.

Wishing you all happy weekend...

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog! I love the colour of your skort! :) xx


  2. Adore the chic styling of this outfit!

  3. great! ;)



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