30 Eylül 2013 Pazartesi

Amazing Persunmall World & Loved Ones

Hello Loves...You all know how much i do like online shopping and trying to find new websites. I'm gonna talk u about an amazing online shop called Persunmall. Website is similar to your favorite websites as Romwe, SheInside etc. One of the most liked one's about the side is variety of clothing and accesorizes. You can find clothing based on styles. Do not forget to look at site, i'm sure you're gonna love it and can not decide which one you must buy :)

Here are some of my favs...

1- Chich Green Slim Coat

Yes autumn is on the way and we all do need coats to cover us from cold. But cold weather items can be boring and not stylish, with that coat no more :) Look at the color of this, amazing lovely green. Yes i do want it so bad.

Last season skull was so hit wasn't it? Maybe we sick of see them but i do like skull look on my clothes or bags. Leather is always indispensable for us. I love to use it. Just loved the glitter look on the back.

As i said a few words before autumn colors are so boring so what about to color it up a little bit? I loved this yellow skirt too. It is high waisted anyway, two birds with one rock :) 

Do you like pumps? Dou you like leopard print? Do you want to have a pair just like louboutin? So you must purchase this amazing pumps. It's just like a heaven. We womens love high heels and that piece can fit every day, every detail.

Big neclaces never be unstylish, please God. I just need a neclace like that one and from the moment i saw i'm in love. Look at the gorgeus blue gem on the middle. Can fit with all of your clothes.

fashion jeans wear on persunmall

Aside from the great prices, wide variety and shipping to pretty much anywhere, PersunMall has an affiliate program that any blogger can apply for. If you're a blogger and love this store, you can put some banner's up and earn some money on commissions. 

Program Details:

  • Sign up for free. Join to earn high commission easily.
  • Up to 15% Commission on all sales
  • AOV is $129
  • High conversion rate
  • 90 cookie days
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • A variety creative of banners and text links
  • Special Offers and Coupons/Deals
  • Real time reporting and sales tracking
  • All kinds of fashion-forward products

Love you all

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Naughty Boy - La La La ft. Sam Smith (+oynatma listesi)

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29 Eylül 2013 Pazar

Autum is Coming

Hello loves, As all u know ı do love online shopping and Mart Of China of course, i you still not visited website please do so.

Autum-Style Clothing at Martofchina.com store arrived, starting from only $9.37, hundreds styles to choose. Just click this

Here are some examples of my favs. which one's are yours?

See more at Website

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Here I'm Back

Hello loves, i was not online for 2 weeks cause as i said i was on vacation at Dubai. I had great time at there as you can imagine :) I have posted several photos on instagram, by the way do not forget to follow me on intagram (troked

I had planned to post what i wore post so i took lots of photos there but last day my mobile phone has been broken :( I'm using my old phone that is not an android phone so i can not reach any of my photos and can not reach at instagram for  a while too. Please pray my phone can be fixed.

Love u all

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Look of the Day: Rosie Huntington

I do love leather, do you?

Sweather: Acne
Skirt: Loewe x Junya Watanabe

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Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop (+oynatma listesi)

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20 Eylül 2013 Cuma

Loves from Dubai

Hello loves..as u know i'm at Dubai now for 10 days and 2 already gone :( i do not have a computer here so trying to post via phone. Everything is amazing here,i'll be posting later..Love ya all.

P.s...for more follow me at instagram ;)

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12 Eylül 2013 Perşembe

Amazing Dressale world

Today I want to share with you a new website Dressale  . Dressale.com is an online fashion clothing store providing a wide range of high quality customer-made wedding dresses, wedding party dresses, special occasion dresses, shoes and other women clothing.  All kinds of styles are for your need. The point is that the price is very reasonable. They are making the discount now. For more details you can click the banner on the right side ;)

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Look of the Day: Dianna Agron

Earrings: Graziela Gems
Clutch: Louis Vuitton SC
Heels: Christian Louboutin

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Dubai, Wait for me...

Hello loves...In these days i'm so busy at work and i could not even write a post or post inspirations. First of all sorry for that..Today busy schedule is ending an i'm going on vacation tomorrow..I'm saying yuppiiie for this but i'll go to Dubai at Wednesday. This will be my second visit to Dubai and wheather will be amazing so i'll tan a lot cause this summer i can only go to seaside once :(

I'll post from Dubai as well but for now just look at amazing places at Dubai.

P.S: all pics from Google

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7 Eylül 2013 Cumartesi

Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know? (Official Video)

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H&M Paris Show Collection

Hi babes..I was just searching a banded bra-liked top at h&m and find that amazing collection. I'll go and check the store if they have arrived..Have u ever seen any of those amazing pieces? I hope H&M make a good creation this year, cause last year was not good enough :(

I must say i loved some of that collection and i hated some of them too :)

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Look of The Day: Olivia Wilde

Tuxedo: Gucci
Pumps: Jimmy Choo

P.S: ı have no idea if u've liked this look but i must say i do not like this kind of nudity..

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4 Eylül 2013 Çarşamba

Sen Tarzını Paylaş, Veet Gardrobunu Yenilesin!

Hissettiği Gibi Giyinerek Tarzını Paylaşanlar, Veet'ten 500 TL veya 50 TL'lik Alışveriş Yapma Hakkı Kazanıyor

Kadınların giyim kararlarında öncelikle pürüzsüz bir cilde sahip olmanın ne kadar etkili olduğunu keşfeden Veet, 'Hissettiğin Gibi Giyin' sloganıyla yeni bir kampanyaya başladı. Kampanya kapsamında Veet kadınlarının Instagram veya Facebook'taki fotograflarıyla katılabilecekleri bir stil yarışması hayata geçiriliyor.

Kişilerin hissettikleri gibi giyinerek oluşturdukları günlük tarzlarını paylaşarak katılacakları yarışmada kazananlar gardroplarını yenilemek üzere alışveriş kuponları kazanyor. Veet'in yeni reklam yüzü Bade İşcil Süalp'in jüriliğini yapacağı yarışmada, Bade'nin seçeceği bir kişi her hafta 500 TL'lik alışveriş yapma hakkı kazanırken, en çok oy alan 10 kişi de 50 TL'lik alışveriş kuponu kazanıyor.

Kullanıcılar yarışmaya katılmak için hissettikleri gibi giyindikleri fotoğraflarını http://veetilehissettigingibigiyin.com/ adresinden bağlanarak veya www.facebook.com/veetturkiye'de yer alan uygulamaya girerek gönderecekler. Instagram'la yarışmaya katılmak için Instagram'a yüklediğiniz fotograflarda #hissettigingibigiyin hashtagini kullanmak gerekiyor. Kullanıcılar, Facebook albümlerinden  seçtiğiniz bir fotograf veya Instagram'daki hashtagli fotograflarını uygulamaya yükledikten sonra katılım formunu eksiksiz doldurarak ödül kazanma hakkı elde edecekler.

Her hafta yüklenen fotoğraflar arasından Bade İşçil'in seçeceği 1 kişiye 500 TL'lik alışveriş yapma hakkı hediye edilecek. Bunun yanı sıra her hafta fotoğrafları en çok oy alan 10 kişi 50 TL'lik alışveriş yapma hakkı ve yarışmada en çok oy veren 10 kişi Veet Hediye Sepeti kazanacaktır.

Bade İşçil Süalp'in reklam yüzü olduğu Veet, bu yarışma ile birlikte hem takipçileriyle aktif bir diyalog kuracak hem de hediyeleri ile onları mutlu edecek. http://veetilehissettigingibigiyin.com/ 'dan veya www.facebook.com/veetturkiye adresinden ulaşılabilecek yarışma 20 Ağustos 2013 tarihinde başlayıp 24 Eylül 2013 tarihinde sona erecektir.

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