9 Ocak 2014 Perşembe

Cozy Sweather

Hello loves..This post pictures has been taken at Sunday but due to work i can upload them today and it's 22.23 p.m at Turkey , i came home an hour ago from work. So i'm working to hard and can not wait weekend, i'll just lay down and sleep :))

Anyway, you all do know i do love Sammydress and i just received this lovely sweather. It's so cozy and warm at the same time but not itchy. So if you think to buy a sweather like that do consider this one too. and it's so cheap also.If you still not have visited this amazing website please do visit Sammydress

Here is the link of the product at Sammydress(Cartoon Deer And Snowflake Pattern Cotton Color Matching Sweater) and here are the pictures...

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  1. LOVE your sweater :)


  2. Now I follow you, follow me back :)


  3. Beautiful sweater looks so cozy and fluffy :-)
    Your necklace are very cute, love it!
    Thanks for your comment, I follow back via
    gfc and bloglovin with joy :-)

    We keep in touch!
    xoxo Kira

  4. Lovely sweater and Sammydress !!! so cool !
    I'm following you now.



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