28 Mayıs 2014 Çarşamba

Splurge vs. Save Campaign

Hello loves..I do love shopping as all you are, that's the main idea of having a fashion blog, right? Anyways i'm proudly can say that i'm part of Splurge vs Save Campaign by Credit Card Insider

I was searching for a perfect shoe for summer. I had bought plenty of sandals last season so skipped sandals and decided to buy at least a pair of espadrilles. I had a golden shoe so was searching silver one. Than i found this amazing Le Silla espadrilles, it was silver and just love at first sight. When i saw the price at Bloomingdales it was so sad for me cause price was 622 euro approx. 1.811 TL (Turkish Lira). 

At weekend go out for some window inspiration and saw the perfect similar pair of this Le Silla espadrilles. I looked at the price asap and at the same moment i was the happiest person on the earth :) Wonder the price? It was only 8 euro, approx. 25 TL :)) Amazing isn't it? Everybody just loved my new shoes when i wear them the other day and keep asking me where i've bought. Sorry for the ones not living in Turkey cause it was a local store from Kadıköy, İstanbul called Enes. 

So the main idea is keep lookin till you find the perfect one for you. You can splurge it or save for the next pairs too. If Carrie situation happens (remember at season 6 episode 9 Carrie's Manolo's has been stolen at Kyra's baby shower. She was so upset and can not get the price till the smart move of her :) you won't be so upset cause there is enough budget for the next pair. 

Please let me know if you Splurge or Save.

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